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Avocado, nature's green treasure, boasts a creamy texture and versatile flavor. Laden with healthy fats, fiber, and an array of nutrients, this pear-shaped fruit elevates dishes and nourishes bodies. Its buttery richness enhances salads, spreads, and smoothies, while its adaptability spans cuisines worldwide. Cultivated in temperate climates, the avocado's cultivation demands patience but yields bountiful rewards. With a distinctive, nutty taste, it harmonizes with diverse ingredients, catering to vegan, keto, and health-conscious diets. Beyond its culinary prowess, avocados offer skincare benefits and symbolize vitality and wellness. Embraced by food enthusiasts and health aficionados, the avocado continues to reign as a beloved superfood. They offer exclusive Avokado Discount Codes and daily special offers that are only available online. 

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Exclusive Offer


Avokado Discount: Enjoy Standard Delivery On All Orders

  1. Avail amazing deals and discounts on your desired products.
  2. Now you can grab standard delivery on all orders to KSA only.
  3. So, hurry up! Grab your favorite basket and delivered it asap.

Best Offer


Avokado Sale: Enjoy Vegetables Starting from SAR 6.50

  1. Now you can enjoy many reductions on vegetables with Avokado.
  2. Avail from potatoes, onions, cabbage, cork, tomatoes and much more.
  3. Grab them in just SAR 6.50 only.

Outstanding Offer


Avokado Deal: Buy Fresh Fruits For Just SAR 8.63

  1. Shop now at Avokado and avail your favourite fruits at best prices.
  2. Enjoy refreshing fruits like apple, mango, pear, orange, banana and more.
  3. Buy them at a price starting from just SAR 8.63. 

Bumper Offer


Avokado Voucher: Get Family Vegetable Box in Just 102.73 SAR

  1. Get family vegetable box available at Avokado only.
  2. Choose more vegetable and fruit items which includes apple, oraane, cabbage, carrot and more.
  3. You can enjoy it in just 102.73 SAR.

Great Offer


Avokado Discount Deal: Enjoy Family Herb Box in Just 37.75 SAR

  1. Avokado deals with a wide collection of fruits, vegetables and herbs at affordable rates.
  2. Enjoy family herb box available at Avokado only in 37.75 SAR.
  3. You can enjoy this amazing discounts on the go to the website as well.

App Download Offer


Avokado Voucher: Download The App & Enjoy Exciting Benefits

  1. Are you an app user? Then, here is the chance for you to buy and grab exciting deals, packages, and discounts from Avokado.
  2. Download the app and enjoy exciting reductions on many refreshing and healthy baskets of fruits, vegetables, herbs and much more.
  3. So, what are you waiting for!

Money Saving Deal


Avokado Sale: Order Big Fruits Boxes For SAR 135.87

  1. Get big fruits boxes with whole range of healthy & pulpy fruits.
  2. Enjoy exciting reductions on many refreshing and healthy baskets of fruits, vegetables, herbs and much more.
  3. Buy the basket in just SAR 135.87

All Juices Offer


Avokado Voucher: Get Juices Collection Starting from Just SAR 4.00 Only

  1. Avokado is the place where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, herbs, and much more organic food within compatible pricing.
  2. So, hurry up! Buy them in just SAR 4.00 only.
  3. Make your meal healthy, refreshing and beneficial for your body and metabolism.

All Baskets Offer


Avokado Discount: Buy Baskets Starting from SAR 79.00

  1. Buy from all baskets' collection, any of your favorite in just SAR 79.00.
  2. Choose from dala3, kash5a, lamma baskets and much more with healthy and refreshing fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
  3. Do not forget to miss out the offer.

Sign-Up Offer


Avokado Deal: Sign-Up to Newsletter & Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

  1. Avokado is the perfect place to grab free and refreshing drinks, fruits, vegetables etc. 
  2. Buy your favorite fruits, vegetables, and baskets for all.
  3. Sign up to their newsletter and get many benefits.