Maximizing Brand Impact: A Comprehensive Guide to Use Canva Brand Kit

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  • January 23rd, 2024
Guide to Use Canva Brand Kit

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The Canva Brand Kit is a powerful feature within Canva, a popular online design tool that enables businesses to create, collaborate on, and share their marketing materials. The Brand Kit is especially useful for businesses seeking to maintain a consistent brand identity across various platforms and materials. This feature allows users to store brand assets such as logos, color palettes, and fonts, ensuring that every piece of content reflects the brand's unique style and values. This comprehensive guide will explore the Canva Brand Kit, including how to set it up, manage assets, and utilize these elements to create cohesive and impactful designs.

Setting Up Your Canva Brand Kit

The initial step to leveraging the Canva Brand Kit is setting it up within your Canva account. This process involves gathering and uploading your brand's essential elements.

  1. Access the Brand Kit: Navigate to the Canva homepage, click on the "Brand Kit" tab on the left-hand sidebar. This area is available for Canva Pro, Canva for Enterprise, Nonprofits, or Education users.
  2. Upload Your Logo: Click on the "Upload logo" option and select your brand's logo files. You can upload multiple versions of your logo, including full logos, icons, and variations for different backgrounds.
  3. Set Your Color Palette: Add your brand's primary, secondary, and any additional colors by clicking "Add color palette". You can enter the hex codes, RGB values, or use the color picker tool. Naming each color can help maintain consistency.
  4. Choose Your Fonts: Canva allows you to upload custom fonts if they are not already available in Canva's library. Click on "Upload a font" under the Brand Fonts section and select the font files from your computer. Ensure you have the license to use these fonts.

Managing Your Brand Assets

Once your Brand Kit is set up, managing and updating your assets is straightforward. Keeping your Brand Kit up-to-date ensures that your team always uses the correct assets for any project.

  1. Updating Logos and Colors: To update your logos or color palettes, simply click on the existing asset and upload a new file or select a new color. This automatically updates the asset across all your Canva designs.
  2. Organizing Fonts: If you've added multiple brand fonts, you can prioritize them by simply dragging and dropping to reorder. This makes it easier for your team to choose the primary fonts.

Using the Brand Kit in Designs

With your Brand Kit set up, applying your brand assets to designs is seamless, ensuring consistency across all materials.

  1. Applying Logos: When designing in Canva, click on the "Logos" tab in the editor to access and apply your uploaded logos to any design.
  2. Using Color Palettes: Click on any color selection tool in the editor, and you'll see your brand colors available under "Brand colors". This makes it easy to apply consistent colors to text, backgrounds, and elements.
  3. Selecting Fonts: When adding text to your designs, you can choose your brand fonts from the font dropdown menu. Your uploaded fonts will appear under "Brand fonts", simplifying the selection process.

Best Practices for Brand Consistency

To maximize the effectiveness of the Canva Brand Kit, consider the following best practices:

  1. Comprehensive Brand Guidelines: Beyond the Brand Kit, develop comprehensive brand guidelines that cover the use of logos, color palettes, fonts, imagery, and voice. Share these with anyone who creates content for your brand.
  2. Regular Reviews and Updates: Periodically review your Brand Kit to ensure it remains aligned with your brand's evolving identity. Update assets as needed to keep your designs fresh and relevant.
  3. Educate Your Team: Ensure that all team members are familiar with how to use the Brand Kit and understand its importance. This might include training sessions or creating easy-to-follow guides.
  4. Leverage Templates: Create and save templates within Canva that adhere to your brand guidelines. This not only streamlines the design process but also ensures consistency across different types of content.


The Canva Brand Kit is an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to maintain a consistent and professional brand identity across all their marketing and communication materials. By centralizing brand assets like logos, color palettes, and fonts, the Brand Kit simplifies the design process, ensuring that every piece of content accurately reflects the brand's visual identity. Proper setup, regular maintenance, and strategic use of these assets can significantly enhance brand recognition and cohesion, ultimately contributing to a stronger brand presence in the market.