10 Top Brands Owned by Most Successful Business Women

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  • January 22nd, 2024
Top Brands Owned by Most Successful Business Women

During the past year, many businesses have faces downfall while many new ones were established at the same time. To survive such crucial times takes guts and smart planning. According to Guidant Finance, Thirty-one percent of all small business or franchise owners are women raised from 27 percent last year. There are multiple success stories of black female owners of luxurious businesses that were the highlight of last year.

There are multiple driving factors behind these successful businesswomen, but one thing that is for sure is they were ready to be their own boss. They were done with following the rules and raised their bar to lead the industry. To be the one who makes rules and makes others follow them. Most of these women are passionate to pursue their dreams. They wanted to deal with the world on their own and they are doing very good at it.

10 Top Brands owned by Powerful-woman

The top four industries women own businesses in are health, beauty, and fitness services; food and restaurant; retail; and business services. The investment they put up for the businesses varied but they all have a common vision to endeavor through hard times. We’ve found you the best in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle—all from brands that are female-founded and govern! Check out our latest finds below.

Thirteen Lune:

Co-Founder and beauty industry veteran Nyakio Grieco recently launched Thirteen Lune The beautiful, inclusive e-commerce destination is designed to inspire the discovery of beauty brands created by Black and Brown founders. The purpose is to completely re-instate how Black and Brown beauty brands are perceived not only from an industry perspective but also for the consumer. Thirteen Lune is a celebration of beauty and community that brings together rich and effective products for the face, hair, and body that represent Black and Brown brands while honoring and highlighting the individual stories of the creators.


Ashley Fouyelle founded a sustainable gift wrap brand with the goal of creating luxury, eco-friendly gift wrapping options in stylish, unique prints that your friends and family will love and hopefully reuse! They claim to offer fun and cool gift wrapping styles that will enhance your gesture. They pack your gift not only with wrapping material but also with their love and passion for art, giving your gift a whole new outlook.


S’well’s eco-friendly water bottles have become the must-have of every library, office, and hiking trail—and this coveted bottle was created by a woman! S’well, founded by Sarah Krauss, is one of the world’s fastest-growing women-owned businesses. She is offering the most unique experience to preserve and serve food in her insulated articles. Moreover, you can pick the color, style, and texture of your own preference from the website.


Noura Sakkijha’s “Insta-famous” jewelry brand graced with its dainty, timeless, last-forever pieces. Sakkijha set out to make fine jewelry something you can offer yourself (rather than waiting for someone else to do so) by providing elegant, on-trend accessories at reasonable rates. Mejuri believes that fine jewelry must be adorned every day. They have very delicate designs on very meaningful prices means you don’t have to wait to stock up on favs.


Beau Wangtrakuldee, Founder of AmorSui introduced something meaningful for the community that was readily accepted. They took inspiration from a chemical spill, Wangtrakuldee decided to form a group of female scientists and fashion designers to develop and launch women’s apparel. That can provide protection and safety. You can get face masks, hijabs, medical capsules, and much more.

Savage X Fenty

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty glorifies fearlessness and confidence. In cooperation with a team assembled from the industry’s elite, the label has obstructed and redefined the marketplace with its accessible price point and an extensive assortment of lingerie. It is all about celebrating your own moods, pampering yourself without waiting for anyone else to vibe along! Such powerpack ventures send a strong message to the community.

Salone Monet.

The dynamic shoe industry is particularly difficult for young talent to step into. Salone Monet, the owner and creative director of her acclaimed shoe company, which highlights the subject of color discrimination in nude footwear, is doing exactly that. It’s a chic fashion accessory that fits into every wardrobe and adds value to everything you already own. Monet recognized the dilemma and started her label to contribute 6 unique nude colors for a variety of skin tones.


An artist whose love for fashion compelled her to study at FIDM, C0-Founder and Creative Director Marcela Ponce, is a Latinx woman who grew up in a small town in Mexico. Their achievement can be traced to Ponce, along with Crantz, fashioning a particular niche within the accessories category as they became more well-known for their dedication to modern design, versatility, and beautifully-crafted pieces that excite immediate attention at an enticing price point.


It started with bedsheets and has now extended to all things home. And they’re another thriving woman-led startup on our list. With a focus on homeliness, function, and comfort, Parachute’s products are the perfect building-block to creating your serene sanctuary. Plus, they’re guaranteed to be free of harmful synthetics! When it comes to where you sleep, that’s important.

Mischo Beauty:

The woman-owned nail polish brand (which claims 23 surreal colors) was founded by Kitiya King when she was pregnant with her son and hunting for luxurious nail polish without harsh scents. She applied her chemistry degree to producing non-toxic, yet high-quality polishes that were both safe and superb. This brand offers a dreamy line of non-toxic nail polishes that look as beautiful on your vanity as they do on your nails!


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