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Borrowell Saving Tips

Monitor Credit for Free

Use Borrowell's free Equifax Credit Score voucher and app for credit monitoring without extra charges.

Opt for Discounted Financial Services

Take advantage of Borrowell's discounted offers, like $10 monthly credit reports and free personalized financial recommendations.

Build Credit Economically

Utilize Borrowell's affordable credit-building options, such as the $5 monthly rent credit builder, to improve your credit score without overspending.


Sign Up Offer

Borrowell Voucher: Sign Up & Get Free Equifax Credit Score

  1. Sign up in just 3 minutes and enjoy free access to your equifax credit score and report, which Borrowell update every single week.
  2. Avail bank level security with 256-bit encryption, personalized financial product recommendations, free credit improvement tips and education  and much more.
  3. Hurry up and grab this offer right now.  

For $10

Borrowell Discount Deal: Get Your Monthly Credit For Just $10

  1. Borrowell can help to choose the ideal payment day of the month for you.
  2. Visit the website and build your credit for only $10 a month and be limitless. 
  3. You can get better access to the interest rate. Achieve your financial goals with Borrowell! 

Credit Builder

Borrowell Deal: Save $240 Back At the End With Credit Builder

  1. Build credit and get $240 discount which you get back at the end of your journey with Credit Builder.
  2. At the end of 36 months, your total savings of $240 will be directly deposited into your bank account.
  3. There is noneed of hard credit check to apply.
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Money Saving Offer

Borrowell Voucher: Compare Insurance Rates Online by Just Signing Up

  1. In addition to helping people make great decisions about credit, Borrowell also recommends a range of insurance products to meet your needs.
  2. Head to the website and compare insurance online with Borrowell.
  3. Make the best decision with the perfect data.

Free Cancellation

Borrowell Deal: Book & Cancel Any Time With No Additional Fees

  1. Build your credit using Borrowell advance tools. Avail easy setup of cancellation any time with zero fees.
  2. Offer includes no cancellation charges with no additional debt & no landlord approval.
  3. This offer is valid for all the users.

Amazing Offer

Borrowell Offer: Get Free Credit Score in Canada

  1. Your credit score can have a big impact on your financial future.
  2. Sign up for Borrowell to get your credit score and credit report for free! Join over two million Canadians and get the tools you need to help understand, manage, and master your credit - in under 3 minutes.
  3. Checking your credit score with Borrowell won't hurt your score.

For $5

Borrowell Sale: Build Credit With Your Rent For $5 Per Month

  1. Now build you credit history without any debt with Borrowell.
  2. You can use your rent payment at $5 per month.
  3. No hidden charges are required and you can cancel it anytime.

Superstiker Offer

Borrowell Discount Deal: Avail All the Personal Loans You Need

  1. Looking for a loan? Borrowell gives you best loans available in Canada.
  2. Want to see whether you'll qualify? Sign up for Borrowell to get your free Equifax credit score and instantly find out your approval chances for all kinds of loans.
  3. Quickly compare the best personal loans in Canada and see your likelihood of approval in minutes!

Super Saver

Borrowell Discount: Compare Best Mortage Rates & Access Credit Report For Free

  1. Your credit score plays a big part in your ability to get favourable mortgage rates.
  2. Whether you're a first-time home buyer or looking to refinance your existing loan, you can access your free credit report, get tips to help you improve your score and easily compare mortgages across Canada.
  3. So sign up now and enjoy amazing services.

Great Deal

Borrowell Deal: Avail Personal Banking Services on Selected Plans

  1. Your finances often start with your bank account, but do you know if you have the bank account that's best for you?
  2. Borrowell offers an easy way to compare the best chequing and savings accounts available from top financial institutions.
  3. Borrowwell combine technology and expertise to recommend products that are best suited to your financial profile.

Outstanding Offer

Borrowell Voucher: Compare Insurance Online For Free

  1. In addition to helping people make great decisions about credit, Borrowell also recommends a range of insurance products to meet your needs.
  2. Compare insurance online with Borrowell!
  3. Borrowwell also provide you with tips to help improve your credit score which can often help you qualify for lower rates and premiums!

Generous Deal

Borrowell Offer: Avail Personalized Financial Product Recommendations For Free

  1. Borrowell is Canada's leading credit education company and offers more than just free credit scores!
  2. You might have great credit, but are you prepared for unexpected life events? Borrowell works with top brokers and providers to help you meet your home, auto, and other insurance needs.
  3. So now get personalized financial recommendation with Borrowwell.

App Deal

Borrowell Sale: Monitor Your Credit Score Effortlessly with App

  1. Borrowell offers a comprehensive mobile app designed to empower Canadians with easy access to their financial information and tools for better credit management.
  2. By downloading Borrowell's app, users can effortlessly obtain their free credit score and detailed credit report, providing a clear picture of their financial health.
  3. The app also delivers personalized credit card recommendations based on the user's credit profile, helping them find the best credit card options tailored to their needs. 

Rent Advantage Member

Borrowell Discount: Achieve a Better Credit Score as a Rent Advantage Member

  1. As a Rent Advantage member, you can see a significant improvement in your credit profile by simply paying your rent on time.
  2. On average, members who made punctual payments across all their accounts experienced an impressive credit score increase of 32 points within just 7 months.
  3. This service is particularly beneficial for renters who may not have extensive credit histories, as it allows them to build and boost their credit score by leveraging a regular expense they are already committed to. 

Outstanding Offer

Borrowell Deal: Start Your Journey Towards a Better Credit Score with Free Credit Improvement Tips

  1. Borrowell is dedicated to helping you achieve financial wellness, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to improve your credit score for free.
  2. With Borrowell, you can access personalized credit improvement tips tailored to your unique financial situation.
  3. These insights are designed to help you understand the factors influencing your credit score and provide actionable steps to enhance it. 

Fantastic Offer

Borrowell Offer: Enjoy the Convenience of Managing Your Finances with Top Bank Level Security

  1. Borrowell, a leading financial technology company, offers unparalleled security with its bank-level protection measures.
  2. By utilizing 256-bit encryption, Borrowell ensures that your sensitive data is guarded with the same level of security employed by top financial institutions.
  3. When you use Borrowell's services, you can be confident that your financial data, credit scores, and personal details are protected against potential cyber threats. 

Exciting Deal

Borrowell Voucher: Effortlessly Confirm Your Payment Deferral Status without Contacting Your Lender

  1. Borrowell's new feature empowers you to effortlessly verify if your payment deferrals are accurately reported to Equifax through your payment calendar.
  2. This innovative tool eliminates the hassle of contacting your lender, providing peace of mind and convenience.
  3. With a few simple steps, you can ensure that your deferrals are correctly documented, protecting your credit score from potential discrepancies. 

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