Terms of Use: Guidelines for CouponPlusDeal Users


CouponPlusDeal Terms and conditions

We strongly recommend the users of CouponPlusDeal to read the below-mentioned terms and conditions carefully before using the website. All the users must agree to the terms and conditions of this company, if in any way you do not agree with our terms then we advise you to stop using this website immediately.

General conditions for CouponPlusDeal users

  1. CouponplusDeal services are only for personal use. You can use, view or print the content of CouponPlusDeal for your personal matter. This company does not allow any user to utilize the content of this site for any business purposes otherwise a legal action will be taken.
  2. CouponPlusDeal have the license, copyrights, and ownership of this company’s name and its services and no one else has the right to use the services of this company without the knowledge of the company.
  3. CouponPlusDeal can take action in case of miss-using the content of website and user may not be able to use the services of website anymore. 
  4. In case of any failure or damage company is not responsible in any way.
  5. Users are advised to check the discount before shopping, the company will not be responsible if the voucher code does not apply or work properly.
  6. CouponPlusDeal have all the rights to modify or delete the content of its website. The website can also be suspended for maintenance purposes without informing the users.

Registration for users

  1. To avail, the services of CouponPlusDeal users need to provide their valid email address where the company will send the notifications or newsletters.
  2. Other than an email address, website registration may ask for some additional information about the user which will be kept confidential.
  3. If the users do not want to be notified each time about the services or newsletter of the company they can simply unsubscribe or contact us.
  4. Users have the right to not provide any information; they just have to inform the company about it. (users can read the privacy policy for more information)

Warranty for CouponPlusDeal services

  1. CouponPlusDeal provide its services free of cost which users can use any way they like for personal use.
  2. CouponPlusDeal gets the deals from other party and regarding the vouchers and deals being valid are not the responsibility of the company. Users are advised to recheck before the shopping whether the code is applied or not.
  3. CouponPlusDeal Company is not accountable for any kind of harm, delays or unavailability.
  4. CouponPlusDeal may have to use links to other sites on its website but we bear no responsibility for such websites regarding their services or authenticity.