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Check for Almentor's bundle deals to save up to 50% on multiple courses. Great for exploring different topics or completing a series.

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Best Offer

Almentor Offer: Get Up to 50% OFF on Annual Package

  1. Experience a year of learning like never before with Almentor's exclusive offer!
  2. Enjoy a substantial discount of up to 50% off when you sign up for the annual package.
  3. With this incredible deal, you'll gain access to Almentor's vast collection of courses and knowledge, covering a wide range of subjects and interests. 

Outstanding Offer

Almentor Deal: Grab Monthly Package For $22

  1. Unlock a world of knowledge with Almentor's incredible deal!
  2. Get access to their extensive library of courses and content with the monthly package, all for just $22.
  3. Dive into a wealth of learning resources that cover various topics, from career development to personal growth.

Amazing Offer

Almentor Discount: Subscribe & Get Art & Craft Course

  1. Discover your creative side with Almentor's exclusive offer!
  2. When you subscribe to Almentor, you'll receive a complimentary art & craft course.
  3. Unleash your artistic talents and explore a world of creativity with expert-led lessons.
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Super Saver

Almentor Discount Deal: Online Courses Starting From AED 91

  1. Almentor has 50+ highly qualified professionals from various parts.
  2. They help their student gain knowledge in every aspect of the course. Students can access their classes through mobiles, iPads, and tablets in a very comfortable way.
  3. Online courses are starting from just AED 91.
  4. You can choose your course from Arabic & English languages.

Great Deal

Almentor Sale: Get Free Talks on Informative & Motivational Videos

  1. Talks are being organized in order to educate students on the most important and best ideas and thoughts which can be imparted by students and make their life’s even more interesting.
  2. Take a look over Almentor talks on various issues and topics like domestic violence, first impression, discover your talent, software requirements, performance-improving model, innovation, the shortest way to learn, and many more. 
  3. Now you can enjoy free talks on informative and motivational videos.

40% OFF

Almentor Voucher: Grab Up to 40% OFF on Bundle Online Courses

  1. Almentor is one of the top leading destinations for online self- learning & development portal offering video courses and motivational or informative talks in Arabic and English.
  2. Avail up to 40% off on bundle online courses.
  3. Select from top courses like: pricing management, sales management, and many more.

Superb Offer

Almentor Offer: Enjoy Up to 40% OFF on Everything

  1. Almentor is the best site for those who want personal development based on experiences, scientific foundations & real experiences.
  2. It presents you the latest and easiest technique to provide a delectable, enjoyable & useful learning experience. 
  3. Enjoy up to 40% off on everything.

Welcome Offer

Almentor Deal: Receive Up to 50% OFF on Your First Course

  1. Search for your favorite course of your interest and enroll it today at Almentor.
  2. Start working on your career and personal growth with
  3. Receive up to 50% off on your first course.

AED 146

Almentor Discount: Data Analysis Course Starting From AED 146

  1. Unlock the world of data analysis with Almentor's amazing deal!
  2. Dive into the realm of data science and analytics with their data analysis course, starting from just AED 146.
  3. Gain valuable skills in data interpretation, visualization, and decision-making to excel in today's data-driven world. 

Fantastic Offer

Almentor Sale: Enjoy Up to 10% OFF on Excel Courses

  1. Boost your productivity and proficiency with Excel through Almentor's exclusive deal!
  2. Dive into the world of spreadsheets and data manipulation with up to 10% off on Excel courses.
  3. Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or an experienced user seeking advanced skills, Almentor offers a wide range of Excel courses to suit your needs. 

Selected Courses Offer

Almentor Offer: Save Up to 60% on Selected Courses

  1. Almentor is a great place to learn online self- learning & development.
  2. Avail up to 60% off on selected packages. It offers courses like human resources, project management, sale management and much more. 

Best Deal

Almentor Voucher: High Quality Video Based Courses Starting From AED 99

  1. Start working on your career and personal growth with
  2. Great quality video based courses starting from AED 99.

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