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KidZania Saving Tips

Opt for Package Deals

Consider opting for package deals like the KidZania Dubai Premium Package, which may offer additional perks and experiences at a bundled price. Look out for package deals offering a 10% discount, providing both savings and a more comprehensive KidZania experience for your family.

 Book in Advance

 Planning ahead not only ensures your spot at KidZania Dubai but also often comes with discounted rates. By booking tickets in advance through the official website or authorized ticketing partners, you can enjoy savings of up to 24% on adult tickets and secure your place at a lower price.

 Take Advantage of Promotions

Keep an eye out for promotions offering discounts on KidZania Dubai tickets. Whether it's an extra 10% off at the Dubai Mall or a 23% discount on bookings, seizing these opportunities can lead to significant savings on your visit.


Outstanding Offer

KidZania Offer: Book a Visit to Chocolate Factory for KWD 8.9

  1. The chocolate factory experience is a delightful and educational adventure where kids become chocolatiers, learning the secrets of chocolate-making, and crafting their own delicious treats.
  2. You can book an exciting trip to a chocolate factory for as low as KWD 8.9.
  3. Book your tickets now and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Money Saving Deal

KidZania Deal: Acting Academy Visit Starting From KWD 12.9

  1. KidZania is a unique edutainment concept that allows kids aged 4 to 16 to role-play in a miniature city, taking on various professions and learning essential life skills through immersive experiences.
  2. Visit to acting academy is starting from just KWD 12.9.
  3. Book your tickets now and watch your little ones shine on stage! 

Special Offer

KidZania Discount: Fire Station Visit Starting From KWD 7.9

  1. KidZania provides a unique experience where kids can immerse themselves in a realistic, kid-sized city, complete with its own fire station. 
  2. You can book a visit to fire station for KWD 7.9.
  3. Grab your tickets today and let your little ones embark on a memorable adventure. 
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Top Deal

KidZania Sale: Perform an Eye Test to Customer For KWD 7.9

  1. KidZania is a one-of-a-kind edutainment theme park designed for children, offering an exciting and immersive experience where kids can role-play various real-world professions.
  2. Be a pro and perform an eye test to a customer for just KWD 7.9.
  3. Grab this offer now.

Perfect Deal

KidZania Voucher: Become Trainee Burger Cook For KWD 7.9

  1. Book your KidZania trainee burger cook experience today and watch your little chef's confidence and culinary expertise grow!
  2. You can become trainee burger cook for just KWD 7.9. 
  3. Don't miss this limited-time opportunity to ignite your child's passion for cooking. 

Superb Deal

KidZania Offer: Visit to Meat Processing Plant Starting From KWD 8.9

  1. At the meat processing plant, children can step into the shoes of a butcher, learning about the meat production process in a safe and engaging environment.
  2. Book a visit to meat processing plant for KWD 8.9 for 2 to 3 years children.
  3. Hurry, as this incredible deal won't last long! 

Exciting Deal

KidZania Deal: Book Your Experience to Police Department For KWD 12.9

  1. At KidZania's police department, your child becomes a hero, donning the uniform, and taking on the role of a brave officer. They'll learn teamwork, problem-solving, and the
  2. Booking at police department is starting from KWD 12.9 for 4 to 14 years children.
  3. It's an opportunity to inspire your child's imagination and foster important life skills.

Outstanding Offer

KidZania Discount: Become Broadcaster For KWD 7.9

  1. KidZania is a unique indoor theme park where children aged 4 to 14 can step into the shoes of various professions and roles, gaining hands-on experience while having a blast.
  2. You can book broadcaster role for KWD 7.9.
  3. Book your KidZania adventure today! 

KWD 7.9

KidZania Sale: Become University Student For KWD 7.9

  1. KidZania is a unique edutainment theme park where children and young adults can step into the shoes of various real-world professionals and explore a dynamic, miniaturized city designed just for them.
  2. Book university student role for KWD 7.9 only.
  3. Create unforgettable memories at KidZania.

Money Saving Deal

KidZania Voucher: Become Trainee Telecom Engineer For KWD 12.9

  1. Become a trainee telecom Engineer and work with a team in performing telecom service assessment and on-site upgrade of internet service from 4G to 5G in KidZania City’s telecom base station.
  2. You can become a trainee telecom engineer for just KWD 12.9.
  3. Book now and let your child's imagination and learning soar!

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